Kamalam Builders

Guaranteed a Hassle-Free Experience


Kamalam Builders

Guaranteed a Hassle-Free Experience


Kamalam Builders

Guaranteed a Hassle-Free Experience

A Kamalam property

is not just a happy nest for your family, but is built to last for generations to come.

About Kamalam Builders

We are Kamalam Builders Pvt Ltd, an upcoming construction company located in Chennai. We started our operations in the year 2000 and since then, we have delivered several successful projects in Chennai. We intend to be the best builder in Chennai providing high quality and comfortable housing for our customers. We focus on meeting your complete requirement, including architecture, design, construction as well as maintenance of your project. As a customer, we understand you have trusted us with your hard earned money, so we take great care in designing/constructing your property as per your taste and preferences. We provide high value for your money.



Our Vision is to be the World’s largest real estate developer with annual revenues of $10 Billion by year 2035. Thus bringing pride to our country that we have conquered yet another industry.



To offer value to our customers through innovative and quality projects, To complete and deliver the projects on time each time, To ensure sense of belongingness & stability to our employees


Our Values

Operate business with high levels of integrity, Inculcate quality culture at all levels, Value time commitments given to customers and complete projects on time every time

What we do

To be the best builder and best brand, providing for the needs of our customers, be it a residential appartment, commercial complex or school.

Future Plans

After having scaled the heights in the field of Property development Kamalam builders are looking forward to broaden our work spectrum to Infrastructure development and reach unparalleled stature in that industry. We also intend to extend our reach to charitable causes like old age home and homes for specially able children. After having set raised standards for ourselves in the construction fields we have set higher summits to reach in the infrastructure industry via major roadways and bridge projects.